Why invest with CAM?

Why invest in environmental offsets?

CAM develops funds that are good for the investor and the environment.


The team at CAM have a rare combination of skills that understand agriculture and the environment.  We identify country with the potential for incremental environmental income streams like carbon farming or biodiversity offsets. We execute these projects without compromising the agricultural income streams. We therefore add the new environmental income to the existing agricultural income, upscale or improve the properties for capital growth, to create an investable climate resilient fund.


Although we target a 10+% return, our 4 funds to date have returned 12-24% p.a. return on original investment.

Whilst we execute value adding projects, the underlying value and risk protection of the fund is in the land itself.  Farmland investment in Australia has been a sound alternative investment with median price of properties growing at 7.8% p.a. for the last 20 years.


The megatrends of a rising population in Asia, appetite for and the security of clean green food, scarcity of land, and low value of land in Australia compared to other countries underpins and promotes our investments. 


The exciting part of our funds is the huge growth in environmental income.  Whether you believe in climate change or not, the world is putting a price on carbon and it is growing rapidly. 

The carbon market in Australia is well established and regulated and prices have grown steadily. However it is the huge demand for emissions offsets with limited supply that has many market experts predicting strong growth over the next decade.


There is no recognised global trading of carbon credits established as yet, although this is what is being debated at COP26 in Glasgow in late 2021.  Australia’s credits, which are highly respected as credible and regulated, are much cheaper than the rest of the world.  If international trading is opened up, the pundits expect further price appreciation.

Sourced by Market Advisory Group (May 2021)


The same scarcity scenario exists for biodiversity offsets.  Population and infrastructure growth is driving the development of land but our precious flora and fauna are being increasingly and deservedly protected.  Therefore demand is higher than supply and CAM is one of the few  managers seeking to fill this void.

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