Koala Offsets

Areas of high environmental value (e.g. habitat for vulnerable species) are sometimes impacted by industrial, resources or urban development such as roads and housing. Whilst avoidance and mitigation are encouraged, in certain cases environmental or biodiversity offsets may be used to counterbalance these impacts. This usually involves improvement or protection of alternative habitat and land to provide a conservation outcome equivalent to or greater than the impacted site.


Koala Habitat Offsets

Different levels of government have different laws. Generally, where a koala tree is removed, it must be replaced by three or four trees, preferably at an ecologically similar site close to the impacted area and within the Local Government Area in which they were removed.  This land must be legally protected for the same time as the impact, which is often permanently.


Koala Farmland Fund 1 (KFF1) is providing those offset alternatives so that koala habitat and land is protected forever.