Offsets Available For Sale

Two of Upscale Funds Management Funds, Carbon Farmland Fund and Koala Farmland Fund 1, currently have land available for offsets for the following  species:


  • Phascolarctos cinereus (Koala)
  • Ochrosia moorei (Southern Ochrosia)
  • Cupaniopsis newmanii (Long-leaved tuckeroo)
  • Lepiderema pulchella (Fine-leaved Tuckeroo)
  • Menura albertii (Alberts Lyrebird)
  • Endiandra hayesii (Rusty Rose Walnut)
  • Floydia prealta (Ball nut)
  • Helicia ferruginea (Hairy Honeysuckle)
  • Syzygium hodgkinsoniae (Smooth-bark Roase Apple)
  • Uromyrtus lamingtonensis (Lamington Peach Myrtle)

Contact us below to see how we can assist you with your offset requirements.